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I accept PayPal, personal checks and money orders. All fees are payable in advance. Larger works can be divided into shorter sections with payment payable in advance of each section of work. Contact Jeanne for a quote.


Basic read of first 5 pages Determines extent of editing necessary
Coaching service (mentoring) for unpublished fiction writers a. Overall Assessment of writing skills and challenges based on the first chapter
b. In-depth critique of first chapter with a list of writing challenges

c. Ongoing coaching for subsequent chapters: includes critiques and editor availability to teach various aspects of writing and answer questions.

Note: As the writer implements the lessons learned from previous critiques, the cost would go down to $25 as the work required is lessened.

per chapter
d. Writing Basics for Beginners, Jeanne's four-part book for beginning fiction writers.  
Book only
Book and Personal Coaching
Critique Components of a Novel Proposal a. Query letter – Check for proper query letter structure, opening hook, content, sentence structure, punctuation, and grammar.
b. Synopsis critique. Check for point of view, tense, content, sentence structure, clarity of story line, plot progression, and character summary.

c. Synopsis critique and condensation. A synopsis critique that also includes shortening the synopsis to the required length.

Note: Price negotiable, based on beginning size of synopsis

$60 - $185
d. Novel Proposal critique. Substantive copy edit for all components of a novel proposal, including query letter, synopsis, author biography, marketing analysis, cover page and formatting (does not include sample chapters or synopsis condensation).
Proofreading A final read through for a manuscript about to go to an editor, agent or publisher. Manuscript would be scrutinized for grammar, punctuation, formatting and typographical errors.
Copy Editing - basic Checks for punctuation, grammar, formatting, typographical errors, inconsistencies in point of view and tense, redundancies, sentence clarity, flagging names, titles and quotes the author needs to check for accuracy.
Copy Editing - substantive In addition to the basic copyediting, this also includes checking for content, dialogue, character and plot development, setting, lack of conflict, author tone or voice.
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