Coaching Services


a. Overall Assessment of writing skills and challenges, based on the first chapter
b. In-depth critique of first chapter for grammar, usage, spelling, punctuation, clarity of story-line, character introductions, proper dialogue, formatting, and other mechanics.

c. Ongoing coaching for subsequent chapters: includes critiques and editor availability to teach various aspects of writing and answer questions.

Note: As the writer implements the lessons learned from previous critiques, the cost would go down to $35 as the work required is lessened.

Writing Basics for Beginners, by Jeanne Marie Leach, an e-book available for sale

Coaching Service
Copyright 2007 by Jeanne Marie Leach

Sitting down at my computer, I began writing my first book without instruction or help from anyone. Within a couple years, I'd written an inspirational historical romance series, but couldn't figure out why no one would buy the books. Rejection slips piled up while my manuscripts found their way back to me quickly.

This began my search for information. The library became my best friend and the only writing help available to me at that time. I needed to know what I was doing wrong.

Slowly, the world of writing unfolded for me as I searched dozens of books that taught me such things as how to format my manuscript, how to submit my work to publishers, and how to find out which publishers would accept my type of book.

Eventually, I discovered the Internet, and yet another world of information became available to me. I discovered writing groups, book clubs specifically for writers, courses and conferences – all in my genre! Until then I didn't even know I wrote in a specific genre (pronounced jon' ra, meaning what category your work falls in, such as suspense, romance, science fiction, horror, etc.).

The more I learned about writing, the realization of how little I knew back when I first began embarrassed me. I envisioned an editor picking up my manuscript, shaking their head and saying, "Rookie."

After another year of revising, editing and tweaking my manuscript, my husband gave me an ultimatum – either my book goes out the door to a publisher, or my computer privileges would be revoked. I guess after about three years, he'd had enough of my spending hours each day on the computer with nothing to show for it.

Because of everything I'd learned during that year, I got a contract from the first publisher to whom I sent my manuscript! Information made the difference.

After being a member of several writers' groups, my eyes were opened to one core truth; I'm not the only one who has struggled to get published.

I've been mentoring beginning writers for about five years now and have noticed a pattern of similar errors in each manuscript sent to me. Often these errors are due to the writer's lack of knowledge of some of the basics of writing. I firmly believe every person who has a story within them can learn to write well. It's another thing to learn to submit that story to an editor. I've consolidated information from a bazillion sources (okay, maybe I've exaggerated a bit) into a concise instructional book for beginners, Writing Basics for Beginners.

Often the information we find at the library or online at various websites isn't what we need at that particular time. It wouldn't do a writer any good to learn how to submit a manuscript to a publisher if that person hadn't yet written a word. I've seen beginning writers become overwhelmed by the vast amount of information on writing they've accumulated.

One lady I met had stopped writing altogether because she had inundated herself with writing 'rules'. What had started out as exciting and fun had become tedious and distressing to her. While there are many guidelines one must adhere to when submitting a book to a publisher, the act of writing should always be enjoyable.

In my book, Writing Basics for Beginners, I will show you where to begin writing a novel. Years of information gleaned from many sources are arranged in a concise, step-by-step timeline and in an order most beneficial to beginning writers.

I will introduce character charts, formatting your manuscript, writer's helps, deciphering the writer's lingo, the difference between an outline and a synopsis, The Writer's Market Guide, and the elements of a book proposal. There will be lists and charts for you to copy and print off for future use.

Milton Lomask said, "There's no right way of writing. There's only your way." I'm only here to help you get a good start to your writing so you won't feel lost or believe that you don't belong in a writer's group. Every one of you has value as a writer.

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