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I am a Christian historical romance writer. My second book, THE PLIGHT OF MATTIE GORDON, was released in March, 2007 and my third, SHADOW OF DANGER, will be released in February 2008. You can read about them at my "books" page.

All my adult life I've been daydreaming different stories. I'd play out the lives of my characters over a period of six months to a year. When I was about 40 years old, I became concerned that I was spending too much time in my make-believe world, so I finally got up the nerve to tell my Clinical Psychologist father-in-law about my 'problem'.

He leaned forward in his chair, the prominent wrinkles between his eyebrows becoming even more pronounced. "Do you envision yourself doing bad things to these characters?"

"Well, bad things happens sometimes - like car accidents, or someone tripping and breaking their leg."

"No, I mean do YOU actually perpetrate bad things to these characters?"

I'm sure my eyes grew wide as saucers by then. "No!" I shook my head vehemently. "These are merely stories that I invent."

He let out a breath of relief. I could tell because the wrinkles went back to their normal depth. Dad relaxed against the back of his chair. "The only difference between you and a writer is that a writer writes these stories down."

A writer? Could it be...?

So, I sat at the computer and started to write. Ten books later, it was my husband's turn to influence me. He looked at me one day and said, "If you don't start sending those books out to a publisher, I'm revoking your computer privileges. The amount of time you spend there on this 'hobby' of yours is ridiculous. There needs to be a purpose to all of this."

Submit my 'babies' for someone else to read? Is this the type of stuff people want to read? So, thus began my writing career.

ABOUT ME: Married 33 years, no children, two 130 lb. Alaskan malamutes.

WORK: I work part-time at a Bed and Breakfast as Assistant Innkeeper, and write as often as I can during the rest of the week. I started a freelance editing business last year and it has been booming ever since.

HOBBIES: Show shoeing, hiking, biking, jeeping, scrapbooking, winning the local annual chili cook off, reading, interior decorating, eBaying

CHURCH: I have been a Christian since the summer before my Senior year in High School in 1972. My husband and I are in between churches for the first time in our lives. Living in a small town, there isn't much from which to choose, so we are praying for God's guidance in finding a fellowship that will stick to the Word of God and not add a bunch of touchy-feely, new age stuff to it. I've been Sunday school teacher, Children's Church leader, and in the last eight years I've led the Women's Ministry. I miss it all so much, but God has given me many opportunities to minister through my writing groups.

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